Dr. Hans-Joachim Weingart

advises and represents our clients in private and public building law. Moreover, Dr Hans-Joachim Weingart engages in ongoing judicial and extra-judicial activities on behalf of a number of insurance companies. He drafts contracts for medium-sized companies and advises and represents them in the areas of corporate, commercial, insolvency and employment law.


  • Attorney with EttrichRechtsanwälte | Notare (since 2000)
  • Specialist attorney for construction and architectural law (since 2007)
  • Attorney with Ettrich, Farrenkopf und Partner (since 1988)
  • Solicitor traineeship at the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt am Main
  • Doctorate (Dr iur.) at the University of Frankfurt am Main
  • Law studies in Frankfurt am Main
  • Bank clerk apprenticeship

Practice areas of focus


  • Betriebliche Mitbestimmung und unternehmerische Entscheidungsfreiheit. ("Co-determination and corporate freedom of choice"). Dissertation, Frankfurt (Main), 1990
  • Der BGH und die Erfindung der doppelstöckigen Prozessführungsbefugnis ("The Federal Court of Justice and the invention of the dual-stage right of action") (ibr-online 2008)
  • The binding effect of an expert opinion obtained in the independent evidential proceedings in the subsequent main proceedings according to Article 493 para. 1 Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) in the case of omitted objections - double extinction of the exercise of a right in camouflage? In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 2, February 2015, p. 189
  • Compensation for damages in case of usage loss of goods used for own economic purposes. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 10, October 2015, p. 1557
  • Do control obligations exist for the architect supervising construction and for the architect handling the property in case of substitute performance work? In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 12, December 2015, p. 1911
  • The legal General Terms and Conditions review of a so-called "Bring-or-Pay clause". In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 7, July 2016, p. 1083
  • Secondary intervention – a misunderstood instrument, especially after a previous third-party notice. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 10, October 2016, p. 1692
  • The secondary liability issue in the setting-off of benefits in the planning performance chain. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 1, January 2017, p. 6
  • Architects' fees capped by construction cost ceiling agreement. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 6, June 2017, p. 952
  • Confusion surrounding confusion – help in clarifying the legal structure of partnerships. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 8, August 2017, p. 1266
  • Farewell to the minimum rate according to Article 7 V Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) through the remedial written form clause? In: NZBau 2018, 276
  • De-recognition of the claim to reimbursement for fictitious costs of remedying defects despite Article 250 German Civil Code. In: NZBau 2018, 593
  • Article 642 German Civil Code Development of a coherent concept of legal consequences derived from the legal system. In: Baurecht (Building Law), Issue 11, November 2018, p. 1789
  • Das Postulat der Funktionstauglichkeit im Werkvertrag. Die richtige Verortung beim Wegfall der anfänglich gemeinsamen subjektiven Geschäftsgrundlage. In: NZBau 2019, 342
  • Die Verjährung beim Werkvertrag bei Begleitschäden von Mängeln nach der Schuldrechtsnovelle. Eine nur scheinbar unproblematische Rechtsfrage. In: BauR (Building Law), Issue 9, September 2019, p. 1350
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  • Der Regelungszweck bei der Entschädigung des Unternehmers im Annahmeverzug des Bestellers und seine Auswirkungen auf die Ermittlung der Höhe der Entschädigung. In: BauR, Issue 10, October 2020, p. 1547
  • Der Bauträger und die MaBV. In: BauR, Issue 12, December 2020, p. 1833
  • § 735 BGB – Achillesferse bei der Part mbH? In: Newsletter DAV/Arge Baurecht March 2021 
  • Die Beendigung der Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft Teil 1. In: BauR, Issue 4, April 2022, p. 568
  • Die Beendigung der Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft Teil 2. In: BauR, Issue 5, May 2022, p. 707
  • Die Verfolgung von Sachmängelansprüchen bei Mängeln am Gemeinschaftseigentum nach § 9 a Abs. 2, 2.Alt. WEG. In: BauR, Issue 3, March 2023, p. 373
  • Der Besitzer und der Ersatz des „Substanzschadens“. In: BauR, Issue 9, September 2023, p. 1443


Dr Hans-Joachim Weingart

EttrichRechtsanwälte | Notare
Eschersheimer Landstrasse 6
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 (0) 69 15 05 04 23
Fax: +49 (0) 69 15 05 04 40
E-mail: weingart(at)ettrich.de

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